Groups & Schedules

Under this tab is a page for each group, which contains the group’s schedule (or how to obtain the schedule), leader contact information, information about how and where the group assembles and any need to notify a leader in advance if you plan to do a hike plus other information.

Each group’s page can be accessed by clicking on the link below or by using the drop-down menu that will appear if you put your cursor on the Groups & Schedules tab.  

For each level, the list below provides guidance as to what your hiking experience should be to hike with a group.  This experience should be recent and mountain hiking.  Relying on what was done a year or years ago or on a flat path is dangerous.  When stating the time it takes you to do a hike, it is start to finish, including all rest and lunch stops.  The “climb” part of these descriptions is critical; hiking on flat terrain is no measure of the difficulty of a hike with climb.  Please start conservatively and work up; it is no fun to be unable to keep up with a hike.  

The following is the list of our hiking groups in approximate ascending order of difficulty, with links to each group’s webpage.  Prospective hikers of any group should contact the hike leader in advance by email.

Wanderers:  The Wednesday Wanderers is an easy hiking group that targets 3 to 4 miles and less than 900 feet of climb.  This group hikes at a rate of 1 to 1.5 miles per hour and selects hikes that fall within the R1 to R5 level of difficulty based upon the Pisgah Hikers rating scale.  The group does take breaks on the uphill sections to rest or smell the flowers or enjoy the views and take pictures.   To join this group, you should be able to hike 3 miles with some hills, however this group will shorten hikes to accommodate factors of weather, hiker fatigue, or overcrowding on the trails.

Friday Rollers:   This group hikes at a moderate pace with a moderate amount of climb. These hikes are usually less than 5 miles in length and rate at about R6 on the Pisgah Hikers scale of R1 (easiest) to R10 (most difficult).  Do not choose this group for your initial hike with us unless you have recently hiked 4 miles with 600 feet of climb.

Monday Milers This group’s hikes are more challenging than the Friday Roller hikes.  The average moving pace is about 2 mph.  Hiking distances range from 4 – 8 miles with moderate elevation changes.

Wednesday Striders:  This group’s hikes are comparable to the Monday Miler hikes.   Hikes range from 5 to 8 miles in length.  The pace of this group is about 2 miles per hour.  Do not choose this group for your initial hike with us unless you have recently hiked 5 miles with 1000 feet of climb.  

Friday Hoofers:  These hikes are the longest, have more climb, and are the most strenuous of the five groups. They can be 10 miles in length (or more) and typically have over 2000′ climb (and can have as much as 3500’ climb).  The pace is faster than the other groups, with minimal pauses.  Consult with one of the hike leaders before hiking with this group.  Do not choose this group for your initial hike with us unless you have recently hiked 8 miles with 2000 feet of climb in 4 hours.  Check the schedule.  The hike may be far more difficult than 8 miles with 2000 feet of climb.  If you are not certain of your present fitness level, do not start with one of these hikes.  When there is an update for a Friday Hoofer hike, it is posted on the Updates page.