Wednesday Striders

The Wednesday Strider hikes are at a faster pace and with less frequent stops than the Monday Pisgah Hiker hikes.  Hikes range from 5 to 8 miles in length.  Please contact one of the hike leaders before hiking with this group. 

Start time:   Winter, Spring Fall9:00 AM.  Summer (starting sometime in May);  8:30 AM.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for a prompt departure.

Meeting Place:  We have three different assembly areas depending upon the location of the hike.  These are the Parking lot next to St. Philips Church, BiLo and the Cedar Rock Community Center.    

Updates:  Updates will be issued every Tuesday morning before the Wednesday hike.  To receive updates by email, enter your email address in the “+Follow” link at the bottom right corner of any webpage.

Wednesday Strider Hike Leaders:
Jay Hinze–828-553-6533;
Craig Smith–240-416-5971;

Wednesday Striders Winter 2018 Schedule

December 27   Connestee Falls Ramble
5 mi, ??Cl., R??, $0.00
Meet at Connestee Falls Main Gate.
With permission we will hike the scenic trails in Connestee Falls followed by lunch at the Clubhouse.

January 3     Pressley Cove -– Maxwell Cove – Bennett Gap
6 mi, 1000’cl, R5, $1.00
Meet at BiLo
From the Pressley Cove trailhead on Avery Creek road we hike the Pressley Cove trail to Clawhammer Road.  We hike down Maxwell Cove and up a forest service road to our cutoff to the Bennett Gap trail and back to our cars.

January 10   Case Camp
5 mi, 1600’cl. R7, $2.00
Meet at BiLo|
From the Case Camp trailhead on FSR 475B we hike the Case Camp trail to the BRP. We climb up to the MST and hike it past the Cherry Cove overlook.  We return by walking the BRP to the Case Camp trail back to our cars. 

January 17  Avery Creek – Twin Falls – Clawhammer
6 mi, 800’cl, R5, $1.00
Meet at BiLo
From the Avery Creek trailhead on Avery Creek Road we hike to Twin Falls and return via the Buckhorn Gap, Clawhammer Road and Clawhammer trails.

January 24   Trace Ridge – Bad Fork
8 mi, 1400’cl, R9, $3.50
Meet at BiLo or Ingles Mills River
Starting on Wash Creek road in the North Mills River Recreation Area we hike the Trace Ridge trail to the BRP.  We hike the BRP and the Ferrin Knob tunnels to the Bad Fork trail to our cars. 

January 31   Blood Moon/Blue Moon/Supermoon Hike
5 mi, 1400’cl, R6, $2.50
Meet at BiLo; 3:00 PM
Bundle up for this hike!  From the Cold Mountain overlook on the Parkway we hike the MST up Green Knob to Bennett Cove.  We walk the BRP to the Pounding Mill overlook for dinner to enjoy sunset and wait for the Blood Moon/Blue Moon/Supermoon rise.  “For the first time since March 31, 1866, we’ll experience  a total lunar eclipse that happens during the second full moon of a calendar month and also happens to occur when the full moon is near the point of its orbit that brings it closer to Earth. That’s a blood moon, a blue moon, and a supermoon all at once!”  After taking 1000 pictures, we walk back to our cars at the Cold Mountain overlook.

Alternate Hike:  80H   Bridal Veil Falls
6 mi, 500’, R4, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain
From the Fawn Lake parking lot in Dupont State Forest we hike the Reasonover trail to Lake Julia and Bridal Veil Falls.

February 7        Camp High Rocks
5 mi, 1200’cl, R8, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain
From Camp High Rocks we hike past the “high rocks” and over Rich Mountain enjoying long range views of Whiteside Mountain along the way.

February 14      Looking Glass Rock
6 mi, 1800’cl, R8,   $1.50
Meet at BiLo
We hike to the end of the Looking Glass Rock trail and back. 

 February 21   Caney Bottom/Cove Creek
5 mi., 600’cl., R5, $1.50
Meet at BiLo
From the Cove Creek trailhead on Davidson River Road we hike to the far end of the Caney Bottom Campground.  We hike the Caney Bottom trail to the Cove Creek trail with lunch at the Davidson River Swimming Hole.  

February 23   Toxaway River – Lake Jocassee
7 mi, 1940’cl , R9, $2.00
Meet at Catheys Creek Road
The Wednesday Striders are invited to join the Friday Hoofers for this popular hike.  We hike down to the swinging bridge over the Toxaway River at Lake Jocassee. We return by visiting several waterfalls. 

February  28   Jones Gap – Cold Spring Branch
6 mi, 1375’ cl, R8, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain
From its start at Tom’s Gate on US276 we hike the Jones Gap trail to the bridge over the Middle Prong of the Saluda River passing over a brand new bridge and past a beautiful waterfall along the way.  Then we hike the Cold Spring Branch trail back to our shuttle on US276. 

March 7         Moore Cove and Beyond the Figure 8 Way
6 mi, 1600’cl, R8, $1.50
Meet at BiLo
From the Moore Cove trailhead we hike several user trails eventually passing Moore Cove falls. 

March 14       Pounding Mill Creek
7 mi, 1350’, R6, $1.50
Meet at BiLo
From Turkey Pen parking we hike the Mullinax, Squirrel Gap, Pounding Mill Creek and South Mills River trails back up that tiresome hill we originally came down.

March 21     Table Rock
7 mi, 2500’ cl, R10, $4.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain
From the Table Rock parking lot we hike the Table Rock trail to the overlook and back.  You’ll need $5.00 for admission to the park. 

March  28    Slate Rock, $3.00
6 mi, 1125’cl, R6
Meet at BiLo
From Yellow Gap Road we hike up Slate Rock Creek.  After crossing the creek we hike to Slate Rock for lunch and on to our shuttle on Yellow Gap Road.