Wednesday Striders

“The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play.  So we sat in the house, all that cold, cold, wet day,”  Dr Seuss.  Dr. Seuss was obviously not a Wednesday Strider.

The Wednesday Strider hikes are at a faster pace and with less frequent stops than the Friday Rollers hikes.  Hikes range from 5 to 8 miles in length.  Please contact one of the hike leaders before hiking with this group. 

Start time:   Winter, Spring Fall; 9:00 AM.  Summer (starting sometime in May);  8:30 AM.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for a prompt departure.

Meeting Place:  We have three different assembly areas depending upon the location of the hike.  These are the Parking lot next to St. Philips Church, Walmart and the Cedar Rock Community Center.    

Updates:  Updates will be issued every Tuesday morning before the Wednesday hike.  To receive updates by email, enter your email address in the “+Follow” link at the bottom right corner of any webpage.

Wednesday Strider Hike Leaders:
Jay Hinze–
Craig Smith–

Wednesday Striders Fall 2021 Schedule

All Wednesday Striders will be required to be fully vaccinated.  This policy will apply to not just carpooling but hiking with the group as well.  Car-pooling allows us the option of featuring some of our popular shuttle hikes.

The leaders may ask for proof of the vaccination, but neither the leaders nor Pisgah Hikers can undertake to assure that all who hike with this group have been vaccinated or are free of the virus or that Covid-19 will not be contracted on the hike or during carpooling, and our general Liability Disclaimer applies fully to Covid-19 and all associated risks.

September 29        Big Sam
4 mi, 600’cl, R5, $4.50
Meet at Walmart
Starting at Big Sam parking we make a loop via the Flat Laurel Creek and Sam Knob trails and end up at lunch atop one of the twin peaks before returning to our cars.

Note:  We resume our 9:00 start time for the next hike.

October 6  Dupont—Stone Mountain
7 mi, 1200’ cl, R5, $1.00|
Meet at Cedar Mountain

From the Guion Farm parking lot in Dupont State Forest we hike to Stone Mountain and back.

October 13   Mt. Pisgah Loop
6mi, 1000’cl R7, $3.50
Meet at Walmart

From the Pisgah Inn we hike to the top of Mt. Pisgah via the Buck Spring and Mt. Pisgah trails and return via the Campground trail. We’ll eat lunch near (but not in) the Pisgah Inn.

October 20   Full Moon-Rise Hike
6 mi, 1400’cl, R6, $3.00
Meet at Walmart at 3:00 PM

From the Cold Mountain overlook we hike out and back alternately on the BRP and MST. Dinner at the Pounding Mill Overlook for the full moon rise.

October 27     Wednesday Strider Fall Outing

Day 1 Linville Falls West Rim–Linville Falls, Babel Tower

Day 2 Linville Gorge East Rim–Table Rock, The Chimneys

Day 3 Tanawha Trail–Rough Ridge, Raven Rocks

November 3  Panthertown Waterfalls
7 mi, 1500’, R8, $7.00
Meet at St. Philips

From the Salt Rock trailhead in Panthertown we hike Panthertown valley to Schoolhouse Falls, Little Green, Granny Burrell Falls, Frolichtown Falls and Wilderness Falls. 

November 10   Cold Springs Branch –  Jones Gap
7 mi, 1375’ cl, R8, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain

From the Ravencliff Falls parking lot on US276 we hike the Coldsprings Branch trail to the Jones Gap trail.  After passing “The Winds” we hike the new (dummied down)  “Killer” Miller trail back to our cars.  Please bring $5.00 for the SC State Park fee.

November 17  Table Rock
7 mi, 2500’ cl, R10, $4.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain

From the Table Rock Nature Center parking lot in Table Rock State Park in South Carolina we hike the Table Rock trail to the overlook and back. You’ll need $6.00 for admission to the park.

November 24  
Pilot Rock/Laurel Mountain
5 mi, 885’cl’,R6, $3.50
Meet at Walmart

From the Pisgah Inn we hike the Buck Spring, Pilot Rock, Laurel Mountain Connector and Laurel Mountain trails to lunch at the Buck Spring Lodge site.  We return to our cars on the Buck Spring trail.

December 1  Dupont–3 falls, 3 lakes, 1 vista
7 mi, 1200’ cl, R6, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain

From the Hooker Falls parking lot we visit 3 falls, 3 lakes and one vista on our way back to our shuttle at Corn Mill Shoals parking.

December 8   Lower Whitewater Falls
5 mi, 1300’cl, R7, $5.00
Meet at St. Philips

 From the Bad Creek trailhead on the Foothills trail we hike to the Lower Falls overlook for lunch.  On the way back we drop down on a user trail to the landing on the falls to look for Dave Gunther’s camera.

December 15  Moore Cove and Beyond the Figure 8 Way
6 mi, 1600’cl, R8, $1.50
Meet at Walmart

From the Moore Cove trailhead on US276 we hike several user trails eventually passing Moore Cove falls.

December 22   Camp High Rocks
5 mi, 1200’cl, R8, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain

From Camp High Rocks we hike past the “high rocks” and over Rich Mountain enjoying long range views of Whiteside Mountain along the way.  We’ll gather at the Cedar Mountain Cafe for our annual Christmas lunch.

December 29   Happy Holidays – No Planned Hike


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