Wednesday Striders

“The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play.  So we sat in the house, all that cold, cold, wet day,”  Dr Seuss.  Dr. Seuss was obviously not a Wednesday Strider.

The Wednesday Strider hikes are at a faster pace and with less frequent stops than the Friday Rollers hikes.  Hikes range from 5 to 8 miles in length.  Please contact one of the hike leaders before hiking with this group. 

COVID 19 Policy: All Wednesday Striders will be required to be fully vaccinated including their booster shots.  This policy will apply to not just carpooling but hiking with the group as well.  Car-pooling allows us the option of featuring some of our popular shuttle hikes.

The leaders may ask for proof of the vaccination, but neither the leaders nor Pisgah Hikers can undertake to assure that all who hike with this group have been vaccinated or are free of the virus or that COVID-19 will not be contracted on the hike or during carpooling, and our general Liability Disclaimer applies fully to Covid-19 and all associated risks.

Start time:   Winter, Spring Fall; 9:00 AM.  Summer (starting sometime in May);  8:30 AM.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for a prompt departure.

Meeting Place:  We have three different assembly areas depending upon the location of the hike.  These are the Parking lot next to St. Philips Church, Walmart and the Cedar Mountain Community Center.    

Updates:  Updates will be issued every Tuesday morning before the Wednesday hike.  To receive updates by email, enter your email address in the “+Follow” link at the bottom right corner of any webpage.

Wednesday Strider Hike Leaders:
Jay Hinze–
Craig Smith–

Wednesday Striders Spring 2022 Schedule

April 6   John Rock
6 mi., 1280’cl., R8, $1.50
Meet at Walmart

Starting at the Fish Hatchery, we hike counter-clockwise on the Cat Gap Loop, By-pass and John Rock trails.  Lunch at the overlook.  We’ll return to our cars on the Cat Gap Loop trail.

April 13    New Hike–Pretty Place – Rainbow Falls      
5 mi, 800’cl, R3, $1.50
Meet at Cedar Mountain

With permission, from Pretty Place on Solomon Jones Road, we hike from Camp Greenville to Rainbow Falls and beyond. We return by the reverse route.

April 20 Buck Spring In & Out
6 mi, mostly level, R3; $2.50

Meet at Walmart
This is an easy round tripper from the Buck Spring trailhead on US276 on beyond Poplar Branch (the 7th water crossing) to the lunch spot at the end of the ridge.

April 27    Turkeypen – Sharpy – Wagon Road Gap
7 mi, 1350’cl, R8; $1.50
Meet at Walmart

From the Turkeypen parking lot we hike the Turkeypen trail over Sharpy mountain to the Wagon Gap trail.  We hike the Wagon Gap trail and the South Mills River trail to our cars.  If we’re lucky, the lady slippers will be blooming.  Note:  As of the posting of this schedule, the swinging bridge on the South Mills River trall near the Wagon Gap trail is washed out.  Be prepared for a wet stream crossing. Since we only have one crossing, hikers may change shoes at the crossing. A bare-foot crossing is not recommended.

Please Note: Effective May 4 we return to the “Summer Schedule” with hikes starting at 8:30.

May 4  Pilot Mountain
5 mi, 1900’cl, R8, $5.00
Meet at Catheys Creek Road Assembly Area

Starting at Gloucester Gap, we hike the Art Loeb trail to the summit of Pilot Mountain. We continue north on the Art Loeb trail and walk FS229 back to our cars. Hopefully the pink shell azaleas will be in bloom along the way. Note that Davidson River Road (FS475) is closed from Daniel Ridge TH to Gloucester Gap. We’ll drive Catheys Creek Road to the trailhead.

May 11   Daniel Creek Ramble
7 mi, 1050’cl, R5, $2.5
Meet at Walmart

Starting at the Daniel Creek trailhead on Davidson River Road we hike past the junction with the Farlow Gap trail.  We complete the loop by hiking the south spur of FS5046 and then north on FS5046 to visit Upper Tom Spring Falls and Tom Spring Falls. (North Carolina Waterfalls,  Third Edition, Kevin Adams.  Pp 174 – 175.)

May 18 Summey Cove – Courthouse Falls
7 mi, 1000’cl, R4, $5.00
Meet at St. Philips

From its trailhead on NC215 we hike the Summey Cove trail.    After stopping to admire Courthouse Falls, we continue up FR140 to the Upper Falls on Courthouse Creek.  Then we hike FR140 to our shuttle.

May 25  Caney Bottom – Cove Creek
5 mi., 600’cl., R5, $2.00
Meet at Walmart

From the Cove Creek trailhead on Davidson River Road we hike to the far end of the Caney Bottom Campground.  We hike the Caney Bottom trail to the Cove Creek trail with lunch at the Davidson River Swimming Hole.  Be prepared for a wet crossing of Cove Creek at the beginning and end of the hike.

June 1   23 Feature Hike – East Loop New Way
6mi, 1000’cl, R8, $5.50
Meet at Walmart

From the Art Loeb crossing on Parkway, we hike up the Art Loeb trail and head east on the MST.   We hike the MST, Flat Laurel Creek, Little Sam, MST and Art Loeb trails before returning to our cars on the Parkway.

June 8   To Be Announced

June 15  Panthertown—Dismal Wall Ramble
4.5 mi; 800‘cl;  R5; $5.00 
Meet at St. Philips

Morris will lead us on a new hike in Panthertown.  Starting at the trailhead off of NC281 we hike the West Fork Way trail and rock hop across the West Fork of the French Broad River.  Then we hike up the Great Dismal Wall and Grotto Falls for lunch. We retrace our steps to our cars.

June 22  Tanasee  Bald – Herrin Knob – Mt. Hardy
5 mi, 900’cl, R5
Meet at St. Philips
Charles and Marianne will lead this hike.  From the Courthouse Valley Overlook on the BRP we hike the user trail over Tanasee Bald and Herrin Knob to the BRP.   After crossing the BRP we hike another user trail to the Mt. Hardy summit.  From there we hike the MST and Green Mountain trails to the Wolf Bald overlook for lunch.  We finish by hiking the MST to a user-trail that will take us to the BRP, just a short walk from our cars.

June 29   Thompson River Falls
6 mi, 1300’cl, R8, $5.00
Meet at St. Philips

Starting at the Brewer Road trailhead on NC281 we visit four waterfalls on the Thompson River. This hike requires 4 river crossings. Please wear old hiking shoes and wicking socks. We won’t be changing shoes and socks at each crossing.


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It looks like the rain will move out of the area in time for us to enjoy our loop hike from NC215 to Black Balsam. Meet at Cathys Creek at 8:30. Please RSVP.

Partly cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 73F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.

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