Wednesday Striders

“The sun did not shine.  It was too wet to play.  So we sat in the house, all that cold, cold, wet day,”  Dr Seuss.  Dr. Seuss was obviously not a Wednesday Strider.

The Wednesday Strider hikes are at a faster pace and with less frequent stops than the Monday Pisgah Hiker hikes.  Hikes range from 5 to 8 miles in length.  Please contact one of the hike leaders before hiking with this group. 

Start time:   Winter, Spring Fall9:00 AM.  Summer (starting sometime in May);  8:30 AM.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for a prompt departure.

Meeting Place:  We have three different assembly areas depending upon the location of the hike.  These are the Parking lot next to St. Philips Church, BiLo and the Cedar Rock Community Center.    

Updates:  Updates will be issued every Tuesday morning before the Wednesday hike.  To receive updates by email, enter your email address in the “+Follow” link at the bottom right corner of any webpage.

Wednesday Strider Hike Leaders:
Jay Hinze–
Craig Smith–

Wednesday Striders Spring 2020 Schedule

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, hikers will be required to drive their own cars to the trailheads.  Scheduled hikes have been designed to keep commutes short.   Trailhead parking for the planned hikes should be sufficient to accommodate the increased number of cars.  Those who wish to hike can meet at the trailhead at 9:00.   During the hikes, hikers will  keep a distance of at least 6 feet apart.

Hikers are asked to RSVP for all Wednesday Strider hikes until further notice.

March 25  Case Camp
6 mi, 1600’cl. R7, $2.00
Meet at BiLo
From the gate on FS475B and US276 we walk the road to the Case Camp trail and hike it up to the Parkway.  From there we bushwhack up to the MST and hike it to MP415 on the Parkway.  We hike the Parkway back to the Cherry Cove overlook for lunch.  Finally we walk the Parkway and hike the Case Camp trail back to our cars.

April 1 John Rock
6 mi., 1280’cl., R8, $1.50
Meet at BiLo
Starting at the Fish Hatchery we hike the Cat Gap Loop, By-pass and John Rock trails with lunch at the overlook. We return to our cars via the John Rock and Cat Gap Loop trails.

April 8 Turkeypen – Sharpy – Wagon Road Gap (new hike)
7 mi, 1350’cl, R8, $1.00
Meet at BiLo
From the Turkeypen parking lot we hike the Turkeypen trail over Sharpy mountain to the Wagon Road Gap trail. We hike the Wagon Road Gap trail and the South Mills River trail to our cars.

April 15 Moore Cove and Beyond the Figure 8 Way
6 mi, 1600’cl, R8, $1.50
Meet at BiLo
From the Moore Cove trailhead we hike to Moore Cove Falls.  Then we hike several user trails eventually getting back to our cars.  Yes, if you use your imagination the track looks like a Figure 8 from outer space!

April 22 Coon Tree – Bennett Gap
5mi, 1200’cl, R6, $1.50
Meet at BiLo
From the Coontree trailhead on US276 we hike the south side of the Coontree loop trail to the Bennett Gap trail. After stopping for lunch at one of the Bennett Gap overlooks, we return to our cars by hiking the north side of Coontree.

April 29 Caesars Head–Ravencliff Falls
7 mi, 1600’ cl, R10, $0.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain
From the Ravencliff Falls parking lot on US276 we walk north a ways on US276 to Gum Gap Road. From there we walk the road to the Gum Gap trail to the Naturland Trust trail to the swinging bridge over Matthews Creek. We retrace our steps and walk the Gum Gap trail to the Ravencliff Falls trail to the covered shelter overlook for lunch. We hike the Ravencliff Falls trail back to the parking lot.

Please Note: Effective May 6 we return to the “Summer Schedule” with hikes starting at 8:30.

May 6 Bridal Veil Falls
8 mi, 1000’, R7, $1.00
Meet at Cedar Mountain
From the Fawn Lake parking lot in Dupont State Forest we hike the Reasonover Creek trail to Lake Julia.  We find our way to Bridal Veil Falls via Conservation Road and the Barn tail for lunch. Then we retrace our steps and hike the Corn Mill Shoals, Laurel Ridge, Cart, Mine Mountain and Fawn Lake trails back to our cars. Be prepared for a tough climb after lunch.