Beth and Brad’s AT Adventure Videos

As many of you know Beth and Brad are hiking the AT.  One of the drivers of this goal is to celebrate Beth’s 60th birthday.  They are accomplishing this by a combination of backpacking and “slackpacking”.  They started in New England and have those states completed.  Now they are wintering in Brevard and hoping to complete Georgia and North Carolina before they depart next month.   So far they have completed about 25 percent of their total AT goal.

Beth and Brad have been documenting their adventures in a creative way by videoing.  I found the following YouTube videos to be highly addictive.  It’s kinda like Lays potato chips.  You can’t just watch one without continuing the sequence of videos–we’re talking  over one hour of videos.  The following link starts you on your journey.  If you don’t do anything following the first YouTube video, each video will appear in order until you are up to date where they complete their trek across Smokey Mountain National Park.

Click on the following link and enjoy.

Beth and Brad’s AT Video Links