Wednesday Strider Hikes Suspended

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak and the “Stay at Home” order from Governor Cooper I feel that it is best to suspend Wednesday Strider hikes until further notice.  Ann and I will the companionship of our fellow hikers.   Hopefully hikers will continue to hike on their own so they can “hit the ground running” when we resume our hikes.  



Due to the continuing rapid spread of COVID19 we believe that it might be
better to be overreact (as suggested by Dr Fauci) and suspend our organized
hikes for now. Since all are in agreement that exercise is a good thing, we
encourage Friday Hoofers to hike at their own level of comfort and look
forward to getting back together as soon as we are able. Be safe and be
well.  We will put out an Update to resume hikes as soon as practical. In the meantime, Vince and I will take this opportunity to pre-hike some of our future hikes–just so that we can pretend to know what we are doing.

Permanent Notice

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