First: Due to recent restrictions on trail access, the scheduled hike for tomorrow has changed. We will do a version of an Art Loeb loop instead. Meet at Lowes parking lot at 9 a.m. Please  RSVP. Please note–the weather is uncertain, so check your email for a cancellation notice after 7 a.m.

Second: As many of you know, Vince has agreed to assist Jay with Wednesday Strider leadership. Vince has been a wise and effective co-leader of the Hoofers and I am grateful to him for his skills and leadership. He will not be a stranger to the Friday hikes but will be relinquishing his co-leader responsibilities. Vic Zona has agreed to share the leadership responsibilities with me going forward. Please express your appreciation to both of these men for helping us to stay on track.

Third: Vince will lead the hike next week to High Bethel Altar, so look for an update from him next Thursday. We are cancelling the last two hikes of this year (23 and 30 December). The 23rd hike we moved to earlier this quarter and the 30th hike we are saving for mid-January. A number of the Hoofers will be away later this month (including the co-leaders), so we thought it best to let the Hoofers do their own thing.

Finally: On behalf of Vince, Vic, myself and our Grandmaster, Jay, we wish for each of you the very best this holiday season and happy trails for the next year.

Wednesday’s Hike

I’m getting tired of the crappy weather we’ve been having lately. Tomorrow will be a lousy day to head up to the Parkway for our Pisgah Ridge hike. Instead, let’s do another backyard hike–Exercise Trail/North Slope; 5 mi, 500′ cl, R3. Meet at the Ranger Station/Visitor Center; 9:00.

Permanent Notice

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