Monday Rollers

We Usta be the Monday Strollers
Now we’re the Monday Rollers
Rollin, Rollin, Rollin
Though the streams are swollen
Keep them hikers rollin
Movin, Movin, Movin
(Unless they’re disapprovin)
Keep them hikers movin
(above lyrics with apologies to the Blues Brothers)

When this group was first formed over 30 years ago it was named the Monday Strollers, being the easiest in the hiking difficulty chain among the original three hiking groups.  With the formation of two other groups, our group was renamed the Monday Pisgah Hikers, and we are three up and three down (right in the middle) in the group difficulty ratings chain. The Pisgah Hiker hike ratings are from 1-10; higher ratings indicate greater difficulty. Ours are mostly less than R6.  See Difficulty Scales.

Regular departure time and place: The Lowe’s Assembly area in the Lowe’s parking lot at the curbline closest to and parallel with US64.  Please be there by 8:50 a.m. to allow time for sign-up, chitchat and whatnot.  We leave promptly at 9:00 a.m.   For DuPont hikes, check the description for a 2nd meet-up location and time for hikers coming from Henderson County.
Monday Pisgah Hiker Group Leaders:
Maggie DiRocco  862-4618
Jeri Schneider

Monday Rollers Winter/Spring 2019 Schedule

February 11th…Clemson University. SC Botanical Gardens…2.5 miles…limited elevation….R2……$5.00    Leader:  Jeri
We will be traveling down to Clemson to see their Camilla Gardens that are part of the SC Botanical Gardens,  150 Discovery Lane off of Perimeter Road at Clemson.  We will park at the Fran Hanson Visitor Center and hike through the gardens, visit the Bob Campbell Geology Museum on site and then go for lunch at a restaurant in the Campus area.

February 18th…M80A…Wintergreen Falls….450′ of climb…4.5 miles…R3…$2.00
Leader:  Jeri
From the Sky Valley /Guion Farm parking area we will hike the Wintergreen Falls Loop and if weather permits, have lunch at the pavilion.

February 25th..M14A…Pink Beds…(long loop)…500′ of climb…5.5 miles..R5..$2.50
This is a hike clockwise around the Pink Beds Trail.  Lunch at the picnic grounds at the end of the hike.

March 4th….M57A…Twin Falls….400′ of climb…4.5 miles…R4….$1.00
Leader:  Jeri
Starting from Buckhorn Gap Trailhead parking under the power line on Avery Creek Road we hike down the Road to the Avery Creek Trail.  We’ll hike Avery Creek Trail, Buckhorn Gap Trail,  and Henry Branch Trail.  Lunch at the Falls.  Then we’ll turn around and retrace our steps to the parking area.

March 11th…M73A…..Moonshine Falls in SC…approx 4 miles ..appros 500′
approx R4…$3.50
This hike will be in SC, east of Cesear’s Head, near the Ashbury Hill’s Camp.  Exact details will come later as an alternative to our usual trail will be scouted. This will allow us to avoid the cable bridge and some of the private camp grounds.

March  18th..Oconee Station Cove Falls…3 miles….approx. 300′ of climb..R2..$5.00
Leader:  Jeri
We will travel to SC, Highway 11 and follow it into Pickens County to the Oconee Station Historical Site.  We will park there and hike to the Oconee Station Cove Falls.  This is an in and out hike with lunch on the rocks at the Falls.

March 25th…Kings Creek….500′ of climb….4 miles approx….R4…$1.00
Leader:  Jeri
This hike is on private property and requires permission from Charlie Moore.
We will park on the street near the property and follow the trail along King Creek to the 2nd waterfall and then return.  Lunch at the pavilion.  Expect considerable tree fall.

April 1st…Lake Imaging.High Falls….500′ of climb…4.6 miles…R4…$2.00
Leader:  Jeri
We will spot a shuttle at the Hooker Falls parking lot and begin our hike at the trailhead from the Lake Imaging parking lot.  We’ll follow the trail until we switch to the Hilltop trail.  At the end of Hilltop trail, we’ll drop down to see Grassy Creek Falls.  We head for Buck Forest Road and  to the Covered Bridge, down past High Falls and on to Triple Falls with lunch at the pavilion.  Then down the hill to our shuttle car at the Hooker Falls lot.

April 8th…Cedar Rock in DuPont State Forest….575′ of climb..4.5 miles..R4..$2.00
Leader:  Jeri
From the Corn Mill Shoals parking lot we will hike to the top on the Big Rock Trail and head down the other side on the Cedar Rock  trail to Little River Trail.  Lunch beside the river on the rocks and then back to the cars by way of Corn Mill Shoals Trail.

April 15th….Rough Run in Cashiers…4.5 miles….300′ of climb…R4…$5.00
Leader:  Carl
We will start our hike on private property about 8 miles north of Cashiers.  We will view wild flowers as we hike down to the Tucasegee River and view two waterfalls.
Lunch along the trail.  If this hike is cancelled due to rain, Carl usually wants us to reserve the next Thursday as a make up hike.

April 22nd..M35A..Pisgah Ridge…200′ of climb..3.5 miles…R2…$5.00
Leader:  Jeri
We drop a shuttle at Looking Glass Overlook(MP417) and start our hike on the Pisgah Ridge Trail across the Parkway from Black Balsam Road.  Our hike will be mostly downhill however the trail does not receive heavy traffic.  If we wish to have lunch at Skinny Dip we’ll add another 0.6 miles and 300′ of climb.

April 29th..M10E….North Slope Loop…500’…..5.0 miles…R4….no fee
Leader:  Jeri
We start from the Art Loeb trailhead parking lot, hike through the campground to hike clockwise around the North Slope Trail.  Lunch along the river or at the Amphitheater.

May 6th….M21A…..John Rock…700’….4.5 miles….R5….$1.50
Leader:  Jeri
We start clockwise on the Cat Gap Trail from the Hatchery parking lot and proceed to a right turn onto John Rock Trail which we will follow up to a lunch spot on “The Rock”.  Then we return via the same route.

May 13th….Mine Mountain to Bridal Veil Falls  ..approx 700′..approx.5 miles..R5
$2.50   Leaders:  Jeri
From the Fawn Lake parking lot, we’ll climb Mine Mountain and follow the trails around to Bridal Veil Falls for Lunch on the rocks.  We return by way of conservation Road and Fawn Lake Trail

May 20th…M38A….Frying Pan Mountain..900′ of climb….4.0 miles..R5..$4.00
Leader:  Jeri
We start our hike at the Pisgah Inn and hike through the campground and up over Big Bald and down the other side.  That will bring us to the gravel access road to Frying Pan Mountain.  We will hike up to the top of the mountain and then retrace our steps to the Pisgah Inn.  Lunch at the Pisgah Inn following the hike.

May 27th…Slate Rock/Pilot Mountain..Approx.700′ of climb…3.5 miles…R4..$4.00
Leader:  Jeri
We will park at the 3rd pullover on Yellow Gap Road and begin our hike at the trailhead for Pilot Cove-Slate Rock Trail.  At the top of the ridge we’ll turn right onto Pilot Cove Loop, have lunch on the rattlesnake rock and continue down the ridge returning to the parking area

June 3rd…M34A…..Sam Knob….635′ of climb…..3.2 miles….R3….$5.00
Leader:  Jeri
This is an in and out hike from the Sam Knob parking area, across the meadow and up the trail to the top of one of the Sam Knob peaks for lunch.  We will view the 2nd peak before retracing our steps to the cars.
June 10th..M37A….Big.East Fork…750′ of climb…4.5 miles…R5….$4.00
Leader:  Jeri
This is a Wilderness Hike so groups are restricted to 10 hikers.  We will begin at the Looking Glass overlook on the Parkway and hike down to Bridges Camp and Big East Fork trails for lunch on the rocks at the river before we retrace our steps back to the cars.  If we have a group larger than 10, we will consider a key exchange hike and let a 2nd group start from the parking area on 276.

June 17th..M33A…..Mountain to Sea Trail to Devil’s Courthouse….4.0 miles…300′ of climb….R2…$5.00
Leader:  Jeri
We will drop a shuttle on 215 at the MTS parking area.  Then begin our hike on Black Balsam Road(FR816) at the MTS Trailhead.  We will follow this trail to Devil’s Courthouse for lunch, then back to MTS to continue on to the shuttle car.

June 24th….M26th…Pilot Mtn…..560′ of climb…3.0 miles….R2…$4.00
Leader:  Jeri

We will drive up 215 to Living Waters Falls and on to Gloucester Gap to the end of the Forest Road.  There are then 23 switchbacks for lunch atop Pilot Mountain and the we return to the cars.  Scouting will determine if we are able to include Eastatoe Falls or Courthouse Falls.