Friday Easy Hikers

“born to be wild”

Our hikes are generally about 3 miles in length, with no more than about 300 feet of climb and the hike is usually over in less than 3 hours.  We go at a nice leisurely pace and make enough stops so that we don’t wear anybody out. 

We meet every Friday at the BiLo Assembly Area in the parking lot at Forest Gate along the curb overlooking the Pizza Hut.  In June we have 9:00 AM gathering for 9:15 AM departure.  Hikes in July, August and first week in September will gather at 8:15 AM for 8:30 AM departure.   On September 12 we return to 9:00 AM gathering for 9:15 AM departure.  HIKE CHANGE AT LEADERS DISCRETION.

We send out an email every Thursday to members of this group with a Friday weather forecast and a description of the hike.

New or Returning Hikers – If you are brand new to hiking and do not know what your capabilities may be, or if you have not hiked for a while due to previous physical disabilities or whatever, this is a good group to start out with before trying any of the other groups. Please advise the hike leader that you are  brand new or are returning to hiking after an absence from these activities so that he or she will know to be aware of your progress during the hike and will gauge the pace and the frequency of stops accordingly..

Wear hiking boots and bring water and lunch or snack,  A good sense of humor also helps. And – Have Big Fun!

Friday Easy Hiker Leader:  Virginia MacDonald 862-6505


Jan. 11 Hamilton Falls/ Daniel Ridge (M23B)

Jan. 18 Little River Falls (Shoals Pking Lot off Cascade Lake)

Jan. 25 Ravencliff (M62N)

Feb. 01 Bike Trail to Lowes from Campground

Feb. 08 Barnett Branch Falls/Trail to Pink Bed Loop and return (E50A)

Feb. 15 Arboretum

Feb. 22 Swamp Rabbit Trail Greenville, SC Park at Zoo Depart at 8:15am

Mar. 01 Wintergreen Falls off Sky Valley Rd.

Mar. 08 Buck Spring Trail

Mar. 15 Andy Cove/Exercise Trail/North Slope

Mar. 22 Holmes State Park

Mar. 29 Charlie Moore Property (Oconee Bells)